Repair Guide

A crash course on repairing clothes

My car breaks? I take it to a mechanic. My computer won’t start? I take it to an IT store. My sink is clogged? I call a plumber.

With almost every product that is damaged we try to get it fixed. But not with clothing. If a zipper is broken or a button comes off, we usually see the garment as doomed – either it’s thrown to the garbage or left rotting in the closet, while we replace it with the next shiny thing on the market.

But maybe, just maybe, replacing is not always the best idea when it comes to clothing. First, we are contributing to the thousands of tonnes of garments thrown to the landfill each year. And secondly, we end up spending money that we didn’t need to.

So, for those of you who feel crafty, we found on the Internet some DIY Tutorials on clothing repair that we think might be helpful:

-How to sew a button?

-How to fix a zipper?

-How to replace a hoodie string?

-How to repair a torn seam?


And for those of you who don’t like to mess with needles, we’ve got you covered. Fairly Normal offers a repair service for its products. We strongly believe that in doing so we are contributing to increasing the life-cycle of our products and therefore reducing our impact on the environment.

To know more about it head to our Exchange & Returns page.

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