A recollection of the history and inspirations behind the LD007 Chore Jacket.

The majority of the garments we commonly use nowadays have once had a different purpose. Often utilitarian. The Chore Jacket fits in this category, as it was created for blue-collar workers. The durability, strength, and loose fit made it a go-to among hard-working railroaders, laborers, and farmers. The jacket was usually made out of a heavyweight twill or canvas, and included large pockets used as storage for tools.

Popularised among the American working class during the 20th century, this classic design has now transpired to the general public – being a source of inspiration for thousands of brands.

This jacket was the ideal blank template. A simple and versatile design that allowed an infinite amount of iterations. Now the pressure was on us to try and create something meaningful out of it.

When designing this jacket we were inspired by the rural world. The roughness, the olive tones, the long walks, and the cold mornings. All of it perennial. Protected from the rampaging evolution of cosmopolitan life.

Our LD007 Chore Jacket is a tribute to country-side aesthetics. We wanted to bring those classical features to the casualness of a working jacket. To keep the tradition of sturdiness we made our jacket out of a heavyweight cotton canvas to which we added a retrievable corduroy collar sourced from Britain, dark-tortoise Corozo buttons, and the famous two large bellow pockets. It comes in two colours: dark-olive; and burgundy.

This jacket is an all-year-around garment. You can easily wear it over a t-shirt during spring or over a sweatshirt on colder winter days.

Our humble take on one of the most famous jackets in the world is an attempt to bring the rural to the urban environment. We hope we made it justice.

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