Our Story

Fairly Normal was born from the need for high-quality and responsibly-made garments suited for those living, working and surfing in Lisbon. Driven not only by the peculiar combination of city and seaside but also by a big range of multi-generational influences, our collections promote active lifestyles while exploring the balance between the classical and the contemporary – this way advocating the idea of the two being complementing poles rather than opposing.

As a platform, Fairly Normal aims to raise awareness to the vicious cycle of irrational buying while giving a voice to cultural movements that are positively reshaping and inspiring our society. Luckily for us, fashion has always been extremely useful when it comes to express generational opinions – take the peace messages in hippie t-shirts during the 60s or the anti-system punk aesthetic in the 90s. We felt that clothing might be a great messenger to spell out our ideas and maybe serve as a catalyst for change. In the end, we want this brand to be at the core of a community where good things happen while we roam in the pursuit of something meaningful.

Living in times of uncertainty, of numerous (important) causes, of social justice warriors, of division and environmental collapse, there is an underlying expectation to be always present, coherent, and right. This pressure can be more paralyzing than motivating. Today the fear of being wrong or having apparently contrasting beliefs is more common than ever. We don’t have answers or solutions, but we do believe that each topic or situation is unique and should be treated as such. As a result, we decided to come up with a safe space for experimentation and discussion. The goal is to build a bridge for dialogue by deconstructing stereotypes and defying our concept of normality. At the end of the day, we are all Fairly Normal people with diverse preferences, trying to handle and change those Fairly Normal things that fill our day. That’s where our power resides.