We are Accountable (but not sustainable)

We believe having a point of view, being ethical, valuing integrity, and minimizing our eco-footprint should be compatible with having a successful business and with many other interests such as fashion, music, or art. Our vision is simple: To fulfill the basic need of clothing through long-lasting pieces that reflect our lifestyle while pursuing solutions that support communities and protect the planet.

As a brand, a lot of emphasis was put on details, quality, fit, and durability. We strongly believe these can only be achieved if we rank human dignity and heritage above profit margins. Thus, we decided to translate this attitude by producing everything near home, right here in Portugal.

Regarding environmental issues, we don’t really like to call ourselves sustainable. Although greenwashing might be an amazing tactic to attract new customers, we know there’s no really such thing as a sustainable clothing company. What you can expect from us is accountability in all our actions. We’ll probably make errors but we’ll keep you posted if that happens. Meanwhile, our plan is to include organic and recycled materials in our garments, to support the movements that we feel close to us, and look for solutions to reduce our environmental impact across our value chain.

We invite you to join us in our journal, where we share the small steps (and step-backs) Fairly Normal is taking to become a responsible brand.

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