Editorial Note

A somewhat brief note on what's to come.

We believe clothing is an excellent way of coming across our ideas, thoughts, and inspirations, but we realized that some extra words, photos, videos, or songs might be of use. So here’s an editorial note on what to expect from this journal.

In a year where Reels, Tik-Toks, and other 10 second fast-paced videos skyrocketed, and in a time when every marketing department is desperately trying to fill your inboxes (and feeds) with click-baits, promotions, opportunities, or non-sales related disguised articles, we can safely say that “content” became a commodity. Quickly one realizes that the only way to survive in this digital era we got ourselves into is by reaching a lot of people, keeping it brief, easy to swallow, making it sort of urgent, or fun, or even viral if you can.

As our societies evolve in a way that everything is becoming as simple as possible, we can’t let ourselves fall into the mistake of making it simpler. So, here we are, struggling with the importance of challenging ourselves, of staying curious, inspired, and informed. Besides the updates on our path towards becoming a more accountable brand, that’s what you can expect from this journal. Stories, reflections, and discussions on what’s relevant to us and might somehow be interesting to you. We hope that by doing so we’ll be able to generate discussion, give you new ideas, help you not to settle or simply improve in any way your shopping experience.

PS: Please feel free to help us turn this into a collaborative process by shooting your letters to our editor sharing ideas and themes for us to dig in.

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