Made in Portugal: Nico / Wavegliders

A joyful conversation with a undeniable figure of the alternative surf community.

Today we launch the first episode of Made in Portugal: a 4 part series where we showcase Portuguese businesses and individuals who we believe are positively impacting our community.

In this first episode, we sat down with Nico from Wavegliders. He kindly opened the doors of his factory to discuss the intricacies of board shaping, his inspirations, and the importance of quality. One afternoon with Nico was enough to understand his vision and how much he cares about his craft.
Nico is a punk at heart lost in surf’s golden era – the revolutionary 50’s / 60’s. And you can feel it all in his surfboards. The detail, the heritage, the long hours, everything combined into flawless masterpieces.

Our erratic conversation kept jumping between tales of the good old days, passionate rants on surfboard design, and a healthy dose of motivational speeches. Hopefully, we did him justice with this video. If not, Nico described himself as a romantic soul doomed to keep following his dreams. We wouldn’t put it any other way.

Enjoy our first episode of Made In Portugal.

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