Go Skateboarding Day

A celebration of those skating in Lisbon, and around the globe.

Last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with one of the founders of Pop Skate Shop, Dilabor, co-organizer of Go Skateboarding Day Cascais, and skater, Bernard Aragão.

In the following conversation, we talked about the genesis of the event, the state of skate culture in Lisbon, and what are the plans for the future.

FN: When and why did you start organizing Go Skateboarding Day?

BA: Go Skateboarding Day is kind of an international skateboarding day, where we celebrate skateboarding and its culture. We were part of some events in the past, and the fact that we were managing PDG (Parque das Gerações) and the shop was the trigger to start Go Skateboarding Day Cascais.

The event started with a party and get-together at the skatepark, but we soon extended it into a street part. At the top of the downhill is the meeting point where we do a skate jam (old school) with a kicker, people are getting together and starting to create the hype. Then, straight into the classic downhill, which flows and rolls down the road. It always feels amazing to see everyone with that energy.

We usually start it in Cascais and finish it at PDG. Here we host several skate moments with the best trick, cash for tricks, product giveaways, free barbecue, and free concerts (the Sea Angels played there for the first time) – it just brings all the cultures together.


FN: How was the experience of collaborating with SkateArte and Cybercafe Skateshop?

BA: During the pandemic, we weren’t allowed to organize any official events, so this year we wanted to do something big. We were planning on closing one of the main avenues in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade. We were working on the event for a while, but we couldn’t get permission. It’s always very bureaucratic to do stuff in Lisbon, with the councils and all that. But, last minute, Roskoff got us permission from the Porto of Lisboa to host an event at Doca do Espanhol.

We got together with Cybercafé Skateshop and SkateArte to organize the event. Although we have different businesses, we felt that everyone had the same goal and vision – to celebrate skateboarding and get it across to as many people as we can.

It was a beautiful day, where loads of people gathered. It was good to see kids bringing new things to the table and watching the roots of skateboarding get deeper in Lisbon is just beautiful to see. It ended up being a good party, celebrating life and culture – it was something special.

FN: How do you see, and follow, the skate scene in Lisbon?

BA: The Lisbon skate scene has been growing a lot, and we are very hyped because we have put a lot of work into it. There are also a lot of different and new projects coming up that will boost the skate scene.

We are a small country, with a super weak economy, mainly because of our government and how things are run, but we have amazing people, culture, and weather. We live by the ocean, we got the river and the mountains. On top of that, we have got the history, the monuments, and the architecture. Lisbon checks all the boxes to become a European capital.

Skateboarding is a big part of that, because it is this special environment that brings people together, connects different cultures, and sets trends in fashion. The skate scene in Lisbon is growing rapidly, and it’s important to have an industry behind it. Through skate shops and skate brands, you can create a support network for the skate community. Although we are not a big country, the positive vibes of the local group are something special and magical. And it’s not going to stop, it’s going to keep growing and become stronger, and tighter, and we got to enjoy the process as well. Events like Go Skateboarding Day are a good way to celebrate life, skateboarding, and give back to the community.


FN: Any plans or ideas for next year’s event?

BA: For sure. Next year we want to do a big event. Still not sure how, but we’ll certainly have a good time skating, with music and culture, while introducing more people to this magical thing that is skateboarding. Good times ahead for sure!

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