In-Store: Joana Passos Studio

A conversation about art, business and the future.

You can now find Joana Passos Studio ceramics at our Embaixada Store. Joana is a young talented artist, born & raised in Lisbon, whose work ranges from decorative pieces to tableware.

We recently caught up with Joana, talking about her inspirations, how to balance art and business, and what lies ahead.

FN: When did you start working with ceramics? Have you worked in any other mediums?

JP: I actually graduated in Painting and while I was applying for a master’s degree, I completed the first year of a photography course at Ar.Co – only then did I go to London for a Master in Fine Arts, which allowed me to explore several different mediums and materials.

I started to learn ceramics, back in 2015, at a workshop by Teresa Pavão. I immediately fell in love with this craft, and since that day, I have tried to use ceramic as the main medium for my work.

FN: How would you best describe your style, and who or what influences your work?

JP: My work with ceramics started a long time ago but professionally, it’s only been a year. I work both on the wheel as well as hand-building, and these two technics present two very different lines of work. One produces more organic and artistic pieces, while the other is commonly used for home design and tableware.

Regarding inspiration/influences, I really like the work of Florian Gadsby and Eric Landon, when related to pottery

FN: Congrats on just recently launching your Joana Passos Studio e-commerce channel. Do you feel the business side of things has changed the way you approach your art?

JP: I’m still learning what I like to do the most and also what my clients are more interested in.
I believe it always changes a little bit the way one approaches their work. On one hand, I’m trying to explore my creativity and get a name as an artist, but on the other hand, I also need to guarantee my stability. That being said, I’m trying to discover new ways and approaches to sell and get people to know my work. Eventually, with experience, everything will go into place.

FN: Any future exhibitions or projects that you have planned for the rest of the year?

JP: I will be participating in a group show, opening 29th of June at Museu de Lisboa – Teatro Romano and I’m also planning the official opening of my studio/shop – a place for whoever wishes to come to get to know my work.

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