In-Store: Red Tour

A traveling project moved by freedom, adventure, nostalgia and youth.

From day one, our store was set to be a place where we could highlight the work of members of our community by whom we are inspired. So, we’re excited to be selling Gui Furt‘s most recent book, Castaway, at our Lisbon Store.

Gui is an art director and a tireless traveler with a unique and unconventional wit. For the last 3 years, he has dedicated his life to Red Tour – a traveling project that has taken him to Morocco, Australia, Greece, and now Indonesia.

We recently talked with Gui about his latest project, traveling experiences, and Greece.


FN: How did you get into traveling in the first place?

GF: I only started traveling once I finished University and made a few bucks working on my own, but honestly, I think traveling overseas came naturally to me. I’ve always been a curious soul – discovering what is behind the fence has always been the best feeling for me. Once I had reunited a few bucks, I just packed my bags and start traveling. I just wanted to get inspired as much as possible – museums, landscapes, animals, graphics, and colors, I was thirsty to see what was happening outside.


FN: One thing that caught my attention is the number of different textures, collages, and drawings throughout the book. What are you trying to achieve with it?

GF: I really like the naive side of design – the amateur side. In a way, I wish I never had studied before. The amateur is passionate about his craft and does it for the sake of enjoying it. I guess therefore I’m naturally drawn to journals and travel diaries. Stories and drawings that you make for yourself, not trying to impress anyone. I’m also a graphics collector: fruit stickers, stamps, museum and transport tickets, notes, maps, etc.

FN: Has traveling in Greece changed your work or approach to your art?

GF: Traveling to Greece made me stop hating blue. Funny because I remember back in the days I really hated the color blue and never used or wear it by any chance. Blue felt boring, usual, mundane and before Red III I was honestly a red person. That’s also why I named my gap year after Red Tour – it comes because of its symbology and emotions. At the time I wanted to make everything loud and bold – a real teenager. Now, after so many travels and experiences, I think I reached a moment in life where I’m at peace with myself, so I started feeling naturally connected to the calmer and natural shades of blue. So yes, even though I got much of my inspiration from Robin Lee Graham for this book, Greece also inspired and keeps inspiring me on many different levels.


FN: If you had to offer one piece of advice to someone visiting Greece for the first time, what would it be?

GF: The same advice that I give to every other country – get lost. The best feeling for me is to walk outside and just wander around with no destination. Just feel the life around me and follow the wind. Once I’m good I just look into google maps or ask a local for directions on how to get back. (Asking for directions is a great conversation starter to meet people.)


FN: What trips have you planned ahead? I know that Red II – Australia fell thru due to Covid. Are you itching to go back and finish it?

GF: If Covid-19 taught me something was to stop planning ahead. I worked my ass off to land in Australia and I really wanted to stay, so I had enough itching in the months after my repatriation flight. More than 2 years have passed since, so even though I still have many things I want to do in Australia, I will get there one day or the other. I’m living in Indonesia now so maybe a green book – Red IV – is on the horizon.

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