Made in Portugal: Gliding Barnacles

An interviews with the brains behind this operation.

In this week’s Made In Portugal, we sat down with the Gonçalves family. A surf-centric household that is responsible for creating Gliding Barnacles – a surf festival held at the famous break of Cabedelo in Figueira da Foz.

Upon arriving at the GB’s HQ we were greeted by Eurico (father) and Eurico (son), with a case of ice-cold beers. A small, but nonetheless significant, gesture that mirrors their hospitality and eagerness to provide a good time to their guests.

Our conversation touched on several topics: territory preservation, local economy empowerment, independent organizations, and the importance of the Gliding Barnacles in an ever-growing surf industry. The event is run by only a handful of people but amounts to so many layers that it was a real challenge to stuff it all in under 5 min.

A thing that is left being said in this video but is worth mentioning is the father/son relationship between Euricos. A perfect example of how people from different generations should interact. It’s not about a rigid structural relationship where knowledge is only passed down, it’s about a constant collaboration where the new is embedded with the old. And that dynamic transpires into the event.

Finally, we want to thank Matt Snelling for the 8mm footage, and Saint John Mary for letting us use one of his tunes.

Hope you enjoy our conversation. And long live the Gliding Barnacles.



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